18 ㎜ Coldboard stamping mold What material

The material made of punching molds contains steel, steel rigid alloy, cemented carbide, zinc-based alloy, polymer material, aluminum bronze, high and low melting point alloy, and the like. Most of the materials that are currently manufactured in stamping molds are dominated by steel. The types of common mold working parts materials are: carbon tool steel, low alloy tool steel, high carbon high chromium or medium chromium tool steel, medium carbon alloy steel, High-speed steel, matrix steel and carbide, steel rigid alloy, etc.

The low alloy tool steel is an appropriate amount of alloying element based on carbon tool steel. Compared with carbon tool steel, the cracking tendency and quenching deformation, improves the Metal Stamping Tooling hardenability of steel, and wear resistance is also better. The low alloy steel for manufacturing the mold is CRWMN, 9MN2V, 7crSimnmov (Code CH-1), 6crNisimnmov (Code GD)

, etc.

2. Carbon tool steel

In the mold, more carbon tool steel T8a, T10A, etc., the advantage is that the processing performance is good, the price is cheap. However, quenching and river is poor, and the heat treatment is high, and the load capacity is low.

3. High-speed steel

High-speed steel has the highest hardness, wear resistance and compressive strength in mold steel, which is high. W18CR4V (CS 8-4-1) and less W6MO5CR4V2 (CS 6-5-4-2, USD) with a small amount of tungsion (No. 6-4-2, USD) and to improve tough-developed carbon-reduction high-speed steel 6W6MO5CR4V (Coden number 6W6 or low carbon M2). High-speed steel also needs to be changed to improve their carboned carbide distribution.

4. High carbon medium chromium tool steel

High carbon of the mold has CR4W2MOV, CR6WV, CR5MOV, etc., and their moisture content Low, the eutectic carbide is small, the carbide distribution is uniform, and the heat treatment is small, which has good hardenability and dimensional stability. Performance is improved compared to high-carbon high chromium steel having a relatively severe high-carbon high chromium carbonation.

5. High carbon high chromium tool steel

Common high-carbon high chromium tool steel has CR12 and CR12MOV, CR12MO1V1 (code D2), which has better Hypermediate, hardening, and wear resistance, heat treatment deformation is small, high wear-resistant micro-modified die steel, the carrying capacity is second only to high-speed steel. However, severe carboned carbide segregation must be re-rehabilitated (axial, radially pulled) to reduce the non-uniformity of carbide and improve the performance.

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