Best 4 Asian Wedding Locations in London to Take a Look at

It is a known fact that London’s population is distinctly divided into two groups. One category is English people living in London and the second is the migrants Asian group that includes mostly of India, Pakistan and other South East Asian countries. It’s hard to believe that some of the Asian populations are pretty decent living in London and have earned respect from their peers in the local community. Their culture differs significantly from that of locals, and the way they celebrate their weddings differs as well. If you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue then you should look for Asian wedding locations in London. Certain wedding venues are designed to be a little more flexible, especially with the Asian people in mind.

Planning a wedding in the tranquil beautiful and romantic London and then completing it off with the richness of Asian excitement is a dream for every wedding. Here’s a list the top 4 Asian wedding locations in London that you will never wish to miss while planning your Asian wedding photographer London.

The Best Western Hotel The Watermill Hotel, Hemel Hempstead

Best Western Hotels are known for their luxury and ambiance all over the globe. Watermill Hotel is one of them. Watermill Hotel has lived at the top of the list of the people of Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead, one of the most sought-after wedding locations for Asian residents of London. If you’re thinking of booking the Watermill Hotel for your special celebration, book it as soon as you can since availability might be a challenge there. There is a perfect place in the banquet hall to designing your decorations. You can manage the seating arrangement and decor with the help of a the hire of a chair cover to soothe your guests. There’s plenty of parking space and chaos is at a minimum.

Banqueting Hall at Kettering Ritz, Kettering

Wedding Banqueting Hall at Kettering Rizt, Kettering is multi-specialty banquet venue that is suitable for every type of event, whether private or professional, like weddings. This stunning venue is famous for its flexibility to themes of your wedding. There’s plenty of room for adding a touch of elegance to your wedding by hiring a chair cover to complement the theme of your wedding. Banqueting Hall has been licensed to hold civil ceremonies. The venue also offers plenty of parking.

Salomons Estate, Kent

Salomons Estate is one of the Manson House in the South Eastern county of Kent. There are two choices for the location. It is possible to reserve the banquet hall, where you can accommodate as many as 330 people. Or, choose the main lakeside venue that can accommodate up 500 guests. Salomons Estate is among the most sought-after Asian wedding locations in London. Salomons Estate is authorized for weddings and civil partnerships. It has ample parking spaces.

Addington Palace, Croydon

Addington Palace has historical attire for its wedding ceremony. This castle situated in the middle of Southern the town of Croydon will help transform your wedding ceremony to an extravagant royal wedding thanks to its royal atmosphere. It is essential to hire chair covers services for stunning decorations that include evenly-patterned chairs and furniture that keeps your guests entertained and happy at their seats. This location has an immense parking area, which means you do not have to worry about the number of guests who will be coming at your wedding.

The four venues listed above are among the top Asian wedding locations in London. These four locations are typically busy during wedding season It is suggested to check your dates ahead of time and then make your reservation quickly.



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