Breast Pump Glossary and Breastfeeding Terms

A characteristic on some breast pumps via Medela (Symphony, Pump In Style Advanced, no longer Original, and the Swing), that starts offevolved the cycling speedy with much less suction then after mins switches to slower cycling with more vacuum energy to imitate the sucking styles of babies. A special let-down button may be pressed once to move right away to the second one mode. The guide breast pump Harmony is also stated to have 2-phase. The first section is initiated via squeezing the fast part of the take care of, with the longer, stronger strokes of the second phase coming from switching the hand round to squeeze the long a part of the take care of.


The dark circular vicinity across the nipple. It is crucial for the duration of breast feeding for the child to latch on with as an awful lot areola in his or her mouth as feasible.

Child scale

For mothers worried approximately low milk deliver a infant scale is a tool to verify toddler’s weight gain and additionally the quantity of breast milk obtained in any given nursing. By weighing the child before and after nursing and performing some subtraction, possible  decide the wide เครื่องปั๊มนม  variety of oz the child nursed from the breast. Since a nursing child is commonly more green than any breast pump, this technique is favored to breast pumping for figuring out how an awful lot milk the toddler can be getting. For those functions a toddler scale correct to fifteen grams or less may be rented from many breast pump condominium stations.

Battery percent, batteries

In a breast pump, batteries provide cordless comfort but vacuum energy and cycles in keeping with minute may be much less than the user will locate when the use of the AC adapter. Also pump cycling may additionally gradual as the batteries put on down. Slower cycles can also purpose some pain because the vacuum could be held longer at the breast. If this takes place, lessen the vacuum and replace the batteries with sparkling ones as quickly as feasible.

Breast pump

A tool that expresses milk from the breast. A false impression is that the breast pump suctions milk out of the breast. A breast pump’s activity is to trigger the milk-ejection reaction or allow-down. Most pumps obtain this aim by using the usage of suction to tug the nipple into the tunnel of the breast guard or flange then release, which counts as one cycle. Thirty to sixty cycles in step with minute can be predicted with higher excellent electric powered breast pumps. It is critical to word that in maximum instances the breast pump is not as green at getting rid of milk from the breast because the nursing child. Many moms discover their milk supply dwindling once they alternative too many pumpings for actual nursing classes with their baby.

Breast pump reviews

Opinions by means of actual users of the breast pumps. Two appropriate places to discover a few evaluations at the net are Amazon and Epinions

breast shields, flanges, funnels

The part of the breast pump that without a doubt touches the breast, overlaying the nipple and areola location. Medela breast shields suit nearly all their pumps and are available sizes 21 mm, 23 mm, 27 mm, 30 mm, 36 mm, and forty mm. Ameda uses distinct mixtures of flanges and inserts to accommodate nipples in sizes 21 mm, 23 mm, 25 mm, 28.5 mm, 30.Five mm to match all in their pumps however the Nurture III. See also SoftFit, Flexishield and Let-Down Massage Cushions.

Closed system

Breast pumps designed for a couple of customers, including health center grade apartment pumps. There isn’t any opportunity of breast milk coming into the pump motor. See this article on used breast pumps for extra facts: http://www.Babylovesyourmilk.Com/used-breast-pumps-article.Htm Although the Avent Isis IQ breast pumps are stated to be closed gadget, Avent nonetheless recommends their pumps to be unmarried consumer.


The substance produced within the breasts all through the very last weeks of pregnancy. This “first milk” is fairly concentrated in nutrients perfect for the newborn. It has been likened to an “antibodies cocktail.” Colostrum has a laxative impact at the child, supporting him pass his early stools, which aids inside the excretion of extra bilirubin and facilitates prevent jaundice. With common nursings of 10 to twelve instances a day, a mom’s normal breast milk will begin to seem or “are available” around day 3 or four after start.


The suck and launch pattern created with the aid of a breast pump to simulate what a nursing toddler does.


cycles according to minute. See cycling.

Double pumping

Pumping both breasts simultaneously. Research with pre-time period infants has proven double pumping can increase a mom’s milk supply, lessen expression time (sure, even reducing instances in 1/2) and convey higher ranges of prolactin, the hormone that stimulates milk manufacturing after start.


Any time an insufficient quantity of milk has been removed from the lactating breast it is able to motive this painful situation. The engorgement that occurs while a mom’s milk first “is available in” is a bit less understood, since swelling of the breast tissues themselves can be a contributing thing. There are many remedies, considered one of that’s to use a breast pump in brief to melt the areola vicinity in order that the toddler might be capable of latch on easier.

Funnel covers

The lid-like covers that snap over the funnel or breast protect of an Avent breast pump. The gain of a cover is to keep the insides of the funnel and milk container clean and in ready-to-use condition.

Flexishield Areola Massager

A breast shield accent that can be purchased one at a time and used with Ameda breast pumps. The Flexishield is designed to compress the areola region, supporting to stimulate a allow-down reflex. It is especially useful for smaller-breasted girls who can also benefit from the brought stimulation.

Sanatorium grade breast pumps

This organization of pumps have a stronger vacuum strength than another breast pumps and are the most perfect to setting up and preserving a milk deliver in a mom who will now not be breastfeeding her toddler for lengthy intervals, as within the scenario of a untimely or sick little one.


Included with every Ameda breast pump besides the Nurture III, a milk series machine that includes a unique silicone diaphragm filter out. This filter out works two methods defensive the pump motor from getting contaminants in it and defensive the breast milk bottle from receiving contaminants from the motor. This extra amount of safety is favored for premature or unwell toddlers or any mother desiring greater warning in the cleanliness of the collection of her milk. The use of the Hygienikit does not negate Ameda’s advice that every one their pumps (except the sanatorium apartment pumps) be unmarried person, despite the fact that the Hygienikit IS the person user package for condo pumps.

Lactation representative

A incredibly specialised healthcare professional with superior schooling in breastfeeding management. Because of the nature in their education, their advice on breastfeeding can be greater specific and beneficial than what a mom will receive from her obstetrician or toddler’s pediatrician.

Lactation aid

A device that consists of a box of usually toddler components or banked breast milk and a protracted however slender-diameter tube. The tube is inserted into an toddler’s mouth along side the breast whilst nursing and provides extra nutrition to the toddler whilst the breast concurrently gets stimulation to encourage lactation. This also prevents a infant from becoming attached to artificial nipples even as permitting a mother time to adopt strategies to shore up a lagging milk deliver. Should be used beneath the recommendation of a lactation consultant as flawed use could lessen milk supply.


Also known as the milk ejection reaction, it takes place whilst hormones purpose muscular tissues in the breast to squeeze and the ducts to widen, pushing the milk from all components of the breast towards the nipple. Some mothers sense a tingling sensation; others experience not anything. Let-down is partly a conditioned response and can be encouraged at the same time as nursing or breast pumping by way of undertaking workouts (i.E. Sitting within the identical place, ingesting from a sure cup), looking at a photo of the toddler, deliberating the milk flowing, or taking the mind off of the whole lot approximately it.

Let-Down Massage Cushions

The Avent breast pump shields or flanges are soft silicone and have 5 petal-shaped bumps that pass in and out to rubdown the areola and resource allow-down. Available in only one length.

Milk collection baggage

Marketed under distinctive change names, these plastic bags are intended for the collection and garage of breast milk. They endure a resemblance to disposable bottle liners however have the amazing distinction of being thicker and more potent. For this cause milk collection luggage are extra appropriate for freezing breast milk and for using with breast pumps that allow attaching bags in region of bottles. Attaching disposable bottle liners to a breast pump will not permit a enough suction to be created for the pump to characteristic well.


Abbreviation for millimeters of mercury and because it relates to breast pumps it approach energy of vacuum or suction. Sufficient strain is needed to stimulate let-down, now not to suction the milk from the breasts as is sometimes erroneously believed. Hospital grade breast pumps have the best mmHg numbers and are the satisfactory for setting up a milk deliver in mothers who need assist in that location due to low supply problems or a hospitalized new child. After a deliver is properly-established some customers have found that “much less is more” and adjusting the suction decrease has enabled better let-down. Fortunately most electric powered pumps have adjustable vacuum strengths.

Open gadget

A breast pump designed to be used by a unmarried person. See also closed device, more than one person.

Elements to bring together

As described at the Breast Pump Comparison net pages, which include http://www.Babylovesyourmilk.Com/first-class-private-electric-breast-pumps.Htm, all the breast pump elements that must be assembled or disassembled at each pumping consultation now not together with motor, AC adaptor or battery %, milk bins, lids, stands, greater breast shields or inserts, totes.

Parts to clean

As described at the above referenced internet pages, all of the breast pump elements that are available touch with the breast or milk, and consequently ought to be washed each time the person pumps, no longer counting the receptacle(s) for the milk and the lid(s).

Milk ejection reaction (MER)

see permit-down.

Multiple person

Hospital grade condominium pumps are designed to be multiple consumer, and rental stations will require the non-refundable and non-returnable purchase of an individual accessory package for the elements (shields, connectors, tubing) that simply comes in touch with the mother’s breast or milk.

Piston-type manual breast pump

The pumping movement is created with a sliding piston and cylinder and requires using hands.

Apartment pumps

See a couple of consumer

unmarried breast pumping

Pumping best one breast at a time. Single pumping is useful for pumping one aspect whilst the child nurses the opposite. For some mothers the capacity to unmarried pump enables them to assuage and maintain their toddler on one facet whilst pumping the alternative.

Unmarried person

Most breast pumps are private use gadgets meant to be used by one mom handiest to prevent the transmission of illnesses like HIV and hepatitis. See additionally closed, machine, more than one user

SoftFit breast defend

The smooth, flexible breast shield that massages the breast and areola while breast pumping, synthetic and trademarked by means of Medela. Can be used with all Medela pumps however the Little Hearts guide breast pump.


Awarded to breast pumps by way of real users on Amazon and Epinions on a five-big name scale with five that means the high-quality. Reading those critiques may be helpful due to the fact they frequently provide an explanation for unique problems with certain breast pumps.

Cause-type guide breast pump

The pumping motion is created with a squeeze manage just like what one reveals on a spray bottle. A one-passed breast pump.


Avent’s robust disposable container machine for the gathering and storage of breast milk. It can be used with all of Avent’s breast pumps and some different brands additionally. The disposable cup bases may be sterilized up to a few times and also are appropriate for freezing. Bottle nipples in an expansion of flows are to be had to in shape the machine.


The guarantee for breast pumps have to be paid interest to and sales receipts saved. Pumps that get frequent use may also wear out earlier than their warranties expire.

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