How it all started?I turned into a marvel buff since I got my forefinger scratched by my mother’s eye forehead razor when I affectionately stroked it, thinking it was a delicate eye temple brush. I was a tiny young lady then. I had seen her utilization the eye forehead brush multiple times and I swear I realized it was a brush rather than a razor. Guiltlessness of a youngster, no? In those days, Mom had a mother lode of pretty tones and cosmetics that I will covertly scrounge and explore, frequently with entertaining outcomes.

So what’s different here? I’m fundamentally an enormous supporter of regular excellence with the exception of my compulsion for lipstick and lip gleam. In this manner, I’m generally on a post for new healthy skin items and new tips and ways of improving regular magnificence and not an excess of weight on cosmetics prompted excellence. Try not to misunderstand me, I’m no prud. I really do utilize cosmetics as well, yet I attempt best to keep it at any rate, basically to conceal a few defects and to upgrade better highlights. Moderation is excellence, that is my mantra on magnificence.

I decided to begin Beauty Tyrant in light of the fact that beauty as a lady, I have my weaknesses about my looks and my body. Trust me, my instabilities are beyond any reasonable amount to list down. It tends to be extremely trying on occasion and baffling, wanting to be comparable to the impression of magnificence and yet don’t actually understand where or how to begin the mission for excellence. I comprehend that there are likewise numerous ladies out there who might confront similar hardships as myself in our current reality where magnificence becomes the dominant focal point. Hello, even the most lovely lady has her instabilities somehow. Here, I desire to express a few extremely fair feelings and tips that I myself practice which I truly believe are valuable and helpful.