Frequent Traveller into the United States, Consider Applying For Global Entry

What exactly is Global Entry and how does it help frequent travellers?
While international travel can often be fascinating and magical, those who travel regularly from one country to another can find immigration queues and other travel paperwork extremely cumbersome and time-consuming. It is for this reason that the US Customs and Border Protection department has introduced Global Entry, as a part of the Trusted Traveller Program, to allow expedited entry into the United States for holders of the Global Entry Membership.

 What documents will I need to apply for membership?

 You may require the following documentation to apply for Global Entry membership:Proof of citizenship or permanent residency: You will require documentation to show that you are either a permanent resident of the United States, or a citizen of the United States. In the event that you are a citizen of another country, you will also require a copy of the passport. If you are applying for Global Entry, it is important to ensure that the permanent residency card has machine-readability, as the Global Entry kiosks are automated.

  • Proof that you are allowed entry into the USA: Visa proof (including duration, type) will require to be submitted.
  • Driver’s License
  • Address proof (present address proof, and address proof typically of the past five years).
  • Employment proof (present proof of employment, and employment records of the past five years).
  • International travel history of past five years.
  • Court / Litigation documents, in case you have been convicted of any offense not related to traffic violations.

What should I keep in mind before applying?

 Read through all of the instructions completely and properly once, prior to applying. It is also helpful to keep all the requisite documentation (including copies thereof) handy, before starting the application process. The application costs $100, which is also the cost of Global Entry membership for a period of five years. However, it is important to keep in mind that the application fee is not refundable, even if the application is rejected. Therefore, it is recommended that the application process be perused carefully.

Once you have submitted all the requisite documentation and responses, you will be given a page where all the information is consolidated, requiring you to certify it. Ensure that you review this page carefully, because in the event that your application form has an error, you will only be able to rectify it later during the interview stage, which may affect your chances of being approved marginally.

Ensure that you also carry all of your documentation with you to the enrolment centre, as well as during the interview.

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