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Do you want to learn how to write articles online? Well, it’s a good thing that you made it here. It’s my pleasure to guide you with basic things that you have to know in writing articles online.

I’m a communication graduate and Excedify, I learned basic journalism way back in college. I can say however that writing articles online is somewhat different from writing articles for traditional newspapers. It’s more on feature writing but it is still a bit different from traditional feature writing. So how is it exactly done then? Let’s learn them in details.

Tips on Writing Articles Online

1. Write for the emotion, not for the mind

You might want to empress people by making your article very intellectual but the fact is, you are just driving your readers away. Most internet visitors are not looking for very technical information online. Rather, they are looking for user-friendly experiences that they can relate to. So whenever you write, try to touch people’s emotion more than their minds.

2. Be very informal

Make your tone very informal and engaging. When you write an article online, imagine yourself just talking to your friend casually. You can make jokes and even tell personal stories to make your article more interesting. Write like you are just sending a personal email to someone. Don’t make things too serious because your article might be so boring.

3. Write to help people

Your first goal in writing an article online must be to help people solve their problems. You can do this by making your personal reviews to a certain product or information. You can also make your own tutorials and teach people the steps on how to do something.

Some SEO Tips

This is I think the most important difference between writing offline and writing online. When you write for offline media, you can just be as artistic as you are. But if you write for the internet publication, you have to learn the basics of SEO to get more readers to your article. Your quality articles might just be in vain if you don’t know the techniques on how to get ranked well in the search engines.

1. Use a rich keyword in your title

You can search for a rich keyword which means a phrase that has many monthly searches online but only has few website quoted results. After finding a nice one, you can then use that as your article title.

2. Use the rich keyword in your first paragraph

You can then use that keyword again in the first paragraph. Make sure you do it naturally and not fabricated.

3. Write original content

Don’t ever copy and paste contents from other articles online. Google will wipe your article out if they find out that your content is a duplicate.


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