How to Turn Your Physical Therapy and Fitness Instruction Skills Into a Profitable Business

Most individuals who invest in certification in the physical training and fitness industries do so because they are passionately invested in helping other workoutpro achieve increased strength, flexibility, energy and satisfaction. In short they are enthusiastic about giving clients the gift of optimal health. Yet for the thousands who pursue a career of this sort, the question remains: how do I gain sufficient credibility to build a large client base without owning my own expensive gym, books or workout videos like the fitness juggernauts we see out there in the media? Below, we provide the top two fears for fitness entrepreneurs and the facts to supersede them to get your career booming!

FEAR: “What if I can’t get clients in this economy to invest in big-ticket training packages?”

FACT: Taking care of one’s physical health is not just a pampering treat but an indispensable investment. New clients, on the other hand, might need to see some stone cold facts to convince them. So educate clients on the importance of your services and use these little gems in your next business brochure or newsletter:

• More than 85% of people with Type 2 diabetes are overweight

• Physically inactive people are twice as likely to develop coronary heart disease as routinely active people

• Approximately 20% of cancer in women and 15% in men are attributable to obesity

• Annually, there are 300,000 U.S. deaths due to obesity-related complications; one out of every eight deaths is caused by an illness directly related to being overweight or obese

• Forty-five states allow health insurers to use health status and obesity as a factor to deny coverage or raise premiums

• Severely overweight and obese children often suffer from depression, low self-esteem and isolation from peers

• Overweight people earn 1-6% less than non-overweight in comparable positions


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