How to Write a Paper

Teachers and professors will prefer their students to use the Arial (12 point) font. They should set the line spacing at 2 to give them enough room for comments. The Tab key is used to indent a paragraph’s beginning. Following a basic template makes writing papers easy. Here’s the template I use to write papers that get good marks over the years Paper Writing Service.


This sentence serves to outline the core topic of your paper. Each paragraph in this paragraph should contain a supporting fact. So the second sentence should start with your first point. The second fact is to support your topic. Third fact to back-up topic. So on. The paragraph can contain as many sentences or facts as it needs, but you should avoid repetition. It is better not to mix two facts that have very similar facts. Remember, less is more. You won’t fool your teacher if you think you need to fill in space or word count by repeating the same fact several times. It’s best to have at least three facts. Four or five would be better. You should keep this paragraph short and concise. You’ll have the rest on your paper to back you up.

Take sentence number 2. (Your first fact), alter the words slightly, and then put it here. You will need the rest of these sentences to cover all the information you have regarding fact number one. While you might feel a certain way about the subject you can still get your point across. Instead, use words like: “many people” and “one might imagine.” Keep it personal.

The third sentence (second fact) is here. Now take your thoughts on fact number 2 and put them in this sentence. The best papers are balanced and include both sides of a debate. If your paper is about health benefits of a vegetarian diet, include facts and quote to back up your ideas, but also include facts and quote about the benefits and drawbacks of eating meat. Even if the topic is one you care deeply about, you should try to be as objective as possible. This serves two goals. First, this will increase the trust of your reader because they will see you as more serious than if you were offering them an “impartial”, view. Your paper will be more comprehensive and longer.

Three is the truth. To avoid repeating words, you can use a tosaurus. Although you don’t want to just copy and paste the sentences from your first paragraph, don’t be afraid of them sounding a bit alike. Word 2007 users can use the thesaurus found under the review tab.

You should dedicate a paragraph to each sentence after your opening paragraph. Remember that paragraphs need not be long. You can have two or three sentences in a paragraph that is still respectable.

Your opener should sound and look very much like your closing paragraph. This is simply a reminder of the points already made. Do not repeat your arguments, just the main facts. If you have done your paper properly, your reader is likely to remember every one of the supporting facts that were in the previous paragraphs.


Word 2007 is the default program on most school computers. It’s packed with tons of useful items that can help make your life easier.

BACKSPACING– Is the backspace moving very slowly? If you click in the TOP LEFT corner on the HOME tab, your backspace should move at a respectable speed.

CITATIONS – Citations can cause the most trouble, but Vista has solved the problem. You will find the Citations & Biography section by clicking on the REFERENCES button at the top. MLA is the standard for many schools. This information can be found in Style’s drop-down. Always cite when in doubt. Schools take plagiarising very seriously. It is important that you cite sources when you use direct quotes, but it is equally important to cite other places where your information was obtained.

COVER- Covers may be a wasteful use of ink. Most professors do not need them. If they do, there’s a handy tool located under the INSERT tab. Simply click on Cover Page to see the options. The program will let you choose a cover design and fill in any gaps with your information.

EXPONENTS- I had to look at two science papers in order to see the tab for exponents. It is located under “HOME” in the font section of the same line as Bold/Underline.

SYMBOLS — I was using 2007 for well over a decade before I discovered this clever item. If you do need to insert an O, ensure your curser is on the spot where the symbol will be inserted. Click on “INSERT tab” in the upper right corner and then click on “Symbol section”. The Equation Section is for advanced mathematics. You will find all the basic symbols in the Symbol Section.

WORD COUNT: Always visible in the lower left corner.

You can check that the paper is correct after you are done. While it is helpful to perform a spelling check (under REVIEW tab), there are many instances when a word like “thought” instead of “thought” will go unchecked because it was correctly spelled. Sometimes whole sentences will have their text underlined in the green color because of an error in usage. Use this guideline as a guideline. If you are satisfied with the sentence, go ahead and read it again. The green will not show in the final copy.

PS-A handy tip for cutting, pasting, and other similar tasks. Open document. Hit CONTROL/A, this will highlight the entire file. Hit CONTROL/C. Next, put the cursor in the place I want to paste. Hit CONTROL/V


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