Patchworks X The Simply Group

Almost two years on from their first integration, long-term customers The Simply Group have added NetSuite’s ERP to their Patchworks platform. Now, with Shopify PlusPeoplevox and NetSuite all connected to our leading integration platform, The Simply Group have more visibility over their data than ever before.

About the brand

The Simply Group is a collective of four clothing, accessory and equipment stores, with a physical shop based in Faversham, Kent. The brand caters to a wide range of leisure activities, including scuba diving, skiing, fitness, swimming, camping and hiking.

Whether it’s beachwear, camping equipment or scuba gear, The Simply Group stock everything you could ever need to explore the great outdoors.

Previous integrations

The Simply Group joined the Patchworks family back in 2017, when they needed help integrating their warehouse management system (WMS) with their online stores.

The company have four ecommerce sites, as iPaaS Vendors  well as an electronic point of sale system in their physical shop, all powered by Shopify Plus. So when it came to connecting Peoplevox’s WMS with their Shopify stores, they needed a connector that could sync between their warehouse and all of their sites.

That’s why they chose to implement our leading integration platform.

By connecting Peoplevox and Shopify Plus through the Patchworks platform, The Simply Group can enjoy a holistic overview of their essential business data. Information like order data, stock figures and returns updates are automatically synced between the two systems, eliminating the need for manual inputting.

Now, The Simply Group have added NetSuite to the mix.

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