Reiki Music – Can the Wrong Music Impact a Reiki Session?

I’ve read a lot of articles about selecting the appropriate music for the Reiki session. Many will say that selecting the appropriate music can determine the success or otherwise of a session. However, others will tell you the opposite. Reiki music is essential for any success even. Song of Search

I do not believe one of these statements are true. The first is that music isn’t necessary to conduct an effective Reiki session. I’ve had numerous sessions that were performed in silence. I generally practice self-healing with no background music or sound. Therefore, to claim that Reiki requires music is completely false.

To talk about the effectiveness or failure of a session is bit dramatic. As as a Reiki practitioner, it’s impossible to always provide an experience that is “perfect” music. Every person has their own preferences and different levels of vibration. Different kinds of music resonate differently for different people. I’ll take myself as an illustration. I am averse to sounds of the ocean and whales when I’m taking a break, meditating or performing Reiki. The sound doesn’t resonate well and cause distraction.

For another instance I have a friend who enjoys listening to Led Zeppelin while practicing Reiki. I am a huge fan of Led Zeppelin, but I’m not sure if it’s a good fit for me. However, for her as she has nostalgic memories of the music and it is a favorite of her. She also enjoys the energy. So, for her, Led Zeppelin is good Reiki music.

I believe that if you opt to incorporate music in conjunction with an Reiki session, it’s important to select music that feels comfortable to you. Find something that allows you relax and is a good feeling and has positive energy. If you’re an expert Reiki practitioner and you are a Reiki practitioner, then you might be able to benefit from having an array of music for your clients to pick from.

Whatever music you pick be sure that it will be able to stop the Reiki from happening. If you want that the energy flow that is the case. Reiki music should be used to aid in the flow of energy better, to calm on the thoughts of the person who is practicing and to help relax the receiver.

Eric is a fan of practicing Reiki on his friends, family or loved ones, as well as on himself. Eric has found that music can be perfect for the Reiki session and has played with many different kinds of music. Eric has selected the music he likes best. Reiki Music


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