Run a successful home business with money-making websites

So, you want to work from home … You know you need a website, but you have no idea how to set one up, or even what kind of website you need. In this article, I’ll explore money-making websites that you can start with little or even no money.
There are many, many types of websites, from corporate to personal sites. Some are created just for fun. However, an increasing number of websites are being created with one purpose in mind: to generate money for the owner.
Probably the easiest and fastest money making websites you can create are:

* informative,
* community building, and
* blogs

Informational Websites
Of course, the grandfather of all of them is Wikipedia. But let’s say you have information Lifestyle to share or sell on a smaller scale. Do you offer a product or service? You could develop an informative website on that. Let’s say you like to bake and have compiled a collection of delicious recipes that you have cleverly woven into a themed cookbook. You could create an informational website that offers baking tips, a recipe or two from your book, or perhaps recipes that aren’t in your book. You could have a forum for people to share baking tips and recipes. You can then turn this into a money-making website selling your cookbook (either on paper or as an e-book) and you could have affiliate links to a store that sells baking supplies. Although there are some free website options, if you decide to go this route, I would recommend paying the $ 10 to purchase a web domain of your own. Some come with free accommodation or inexpensive accommodation options.
Community Building Websites
Probably the most popular community building websites are Facebook and MySpace. You can create an account on a favorite topic or hobby of yours … say, dogs. You can link to other dog-worthy websites, provide helpful information to pet owners, and again monetize your website by selling a product you’ve created or an affiliate product to members of your community. This is a free option, as these communities do not charge anything to join. However, you have to be careful not to look like a hard sell site, or you won’t be able to build a community or make money.
There are many blogging options … many of them are free, but again, if you want your own domain name, you will have to pay a small fee for that and probably a small hosting fee as well. Otherwise, you can use one of the many free blogging services on the Internet. Some of the most popular are Blogger and WordPress (or you can download WordPress on your own domain) and of course there are now mini-blog options like Twitter and Posterous as well. The options for turning a blog into a profitable website largely depend on the type of blog you choose. If you host your own blog, you have many more options, from Google AdSense to affiliate links, to blatant ads, recommendations, or product reviews. With other services, you may be limited to affiliate links.

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