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The history of the Alicante Airport in Spain is very important. It is one of the largest airports in Spain. This airport was once called the La Rabassa and it accommodated Alicante, but in 1967 the La Rabassa was replaced.

It quickly become very popular and started to reach over a million traffic passengers a year in a very short period of time. The airport needed to accommodate more passengers, so they had to add another passenger terminal in 1970. This was a very crucial operation for the airport to grow and assist the needs of passengers.

Today the Alicante airport has just two terminals, spain camping but due to the increasing volume of passenger traffic the airport will have to expand and grow. The Alicante airport is currently under construction and is adding a new terminal that will help assist the rising number of passengers. The terminal is expected to be completed by 2011.

Largely increasing the number of passengers is a huge goal for the airport and volume of passengers it is expected to accommodate after the completion of the terminal will be an impressive 8 million more customers. The new terminal will have over 90 check-in desks, which will definitely be able to accommodate the large growing need of customers and create more jobs for locals in the area.

The new terminal will benefit the airport and its travelers immensely. Alicante airport has exceptional shopping for all travelers. If a person is waiting for a flight and has some time to spare, take a good look around at all the airport has to offer. It has shops from jewelry, accessories, toys, cosmetics, and tobacco.

Food is also available for those that are interested in having a bite to eat, making a travelers wait more pleasant. The easy to read maps will effortlessly help a traveler find whatever they are looking for in the airport.This airport is also known for its exceptional customer service.

They accommodate tourist with the most helpful information, so they will be able to get to where they are going with ease. If a traveler needs to rent a car they could simply contact car hire for transportation services, or if a traveler needs help finding accommodations near the hotel the customer service department is there to help.


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