Welfare Abuse and Dependency

It is a shame when we live in the richest country on earth, and there is such a huge disparity between the have’s and the have not’s. In large part because of the great recession, today more than ever there are entire swaths of our society that are desperately in need of a helping hand from the government, Uncle Sam if you will.

The good news is that welfare benefits are governess indeed available to those who reach out and take that step of seeking out asking for help. No one should go to sleep hungry in our country. And certainly none should be homeless. One of the great things about our country is that we have a welfare system and welfare benefits available to our residents. Other people in other countries are not so fortunate.

I personally have traveled to Eastern European countries that shall remain unnamed in this article, and I have seen firsthand stark and abject poverty on the street of capital cities. I have seen the look of helplessness and hopelessness in other human beings eyes and faces. And these are sights I shall never forget.

But in the U.S. we do have a kinder, gentler and more compassionate government. When it comes to welfare, the benefits are there for those who need.

In the past, apply for welfare benefits meant trudging and trekking down to the nearest welfare department office, which may or may not have been close to us. In fact, the welfare office may have been out of reach for many people if they did not have access to a car, or there was little in the way of public transportation available, if any.


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