What Jobs do Expats Can Do after Retiring in Thailand?

For retired expats who are living in Thailand, it must be boring not to do anything after retirement. And you cannot work as you could before. Also, there are studies suggesting the retired ones find something to do to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. So, here, in Thailand, there are jobs that expats can work for to make yourself active as you were before. Here are the jobs that you can do after retiring in Thailand.

Consultant for Companies

If you worked for companies as manager or C-level executive, you might consider working as a consultant for a company. With your skills and experiences, many companies would definitely want you to be on board with them, helping them solve their problems with finesse. If you are interested in this job, you can apply or find jobs on platforms such as LinkedIn, JobsDB, and any online recruitment platforms. But you have to make sure that the job will not make you exhausted. Otherwise, it would not be good for your health whatsoever.


If you want to work in a completely different type of job, being an artisan would be an interesting choice for you. You would have a chance to make your handicraft for your entertainment, and also for your extra money. With your handicrafts you have made, you can sell them in the marketplace, flea markets, or even sell them online such as Shopee, Lazada, and any online marketplace applications. Or if you do not have any skills or knowledge in making handicraft, you can learn them at your own pace, at least it will make you have fun and prevent yourself from Alzheimer’s disease as well.


Being a farmer is also an interesting idea for you to work after your retirement. You will have a chance to manage your farm. So, you will take your time taking care of products in your farm and it will make you busy but also enjoy it at the same time. Taking care of animals and/or crops in your farm will make you forget about being bored in your life. If your crops and products are ready, you can sell them or keep them for yourself in your household, maximizing your sustainability.


Finding something to do after your retirement is good for you as it can prevent you from being bored, and even depression. However, you should not exceedingly exert yourself for your job. Or else it would be harmful to your health. Speaking of your health, having insurance for expat health insurance Thailand would be something you might consider. With health insurance, your medical expenses will be covered and you do not have to worry about going to the hospital anymore.

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