Wizards Win Lottery – Conference Finals Game 1 Recap

We congratulate all the Washington Wizards for winning the 2011 NBA Draft Lottery tonight in New Jersey. The 2009-2010 season of the Wizards was not one to be proud of due to the loss of their long-time owner Abe Polen, trading the players who comprised their core (Antwan Jamison Caron Butler Brendon Hayword and Deshawn Stephenson) in the wake of the long-term suspensions that lasted throughout the season of Javaris Crittenton and a gun player. The good thing about this franchise is that the team is young and they have the possibility of drafting John Wall or Evan Turner. The biggest question is this team that is young.

Do they choose to draft Wall and then sell Agent Zero who has a massive contract that no owner would want to take. My speculation would be that Wizards buy him out and allow Arenas pursue other interests in a ball club of another and start over by bringing in John Wall as their point guard for the next. The Wizard’s assistant coach Sam Cassell will make sure John Wall learn the lead guard position from an NBA champion guard.Live Draw HK

The first game in the NBA conference finals has ended with it was concluded that the Lakers and Celtics won both games. It was the Phoenix Sun could not find the answer to Kobe Bryant who dropped 40 who also made Grant Hill a vintage crossover but failed to hit the shot. I’m not mad that Kobe Bryant missed the floater, however he should have converted.

The most memorable part for the contest came from Shannon Brown almost dunking over Michigan State alum Jason Richardson but he walked off too soon. I was also awestruck by Derick Fisher’s defensive play against Steve Nash after getting abused by Russell Westbrook and Deron Williams during the previous series. Game two will be played tomorrow in the Staples Center.

Boston Celtics took a 2 game-to-zero lead in the game against Orlando Magic tonight down in South Florida. At one point, the Magic held a one-point advantage but KG made a crucial fade-away shot to beat Dwight Howard (good defense…better offense). After a clever foul was committed against Vince Carter from Paul Pierce which was his sixth foul of the game,

Vince had the chance to kick his club into in less than an hour remaining, however the ex Tar Heel had a Nick Anderson moment and missed the free shots. In the end, Orlando had to go across the court, but Jameer Nelson was unable to make the half-court 3 and sent the game into overtime. The two series have ended and I’m now preparing for a Finals between the Celtics and Lakers.


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